Model 1200B Series Handheld Potentiostat/Bipotentiostat

The Model 1200B series is a computerized hand-held potentiostat/bipotentiostat. The instrument consists of a digital function generator, a data acquisition system, and a potentiostat/bipotentiostat. The potential range is 2.4 V. The current range is 2 mA. This series is capable of measuring current down to 100 pA. The steady state current of a 10 μm disk electrode can be readily measured. The size of the instrument is 7 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 1 (H). The instrument is powered by the USB port of a PC computer, without need of an external wall transformer or batteries. It is therefore more compact and convenient. The instrument can be used for electroanalysis and sensor studies. Due to its small size, light weight, and low cost, it is particularly useful for field applications and teaching laboratories.

The model 1200B series allows 7.5 V compliance voltage, which ensures the working potential range 2.4 V for most of the electrochemical systems. It also uses dual 16-bit DAC and 16-bit ADC for high resolution and accuracy.

The instrument provides many powerful functions, such as file handling, experimental control, graphics, data analysis, and digital simulation. Some of the unique features include macro command, working electrode conditioning, color, legend and font selection, data interpolation, visual baseline correction, data point removal, visual data point modification, signal averaging, Fourier spectrum, and equations relating to electrochemical techniques.

The CHI1200B series provides various instrument models to meet different applications and budget. The series is available in potentiostat (CHI1200B, 1210B, 1220B, 1232B, and 1240B) and bipotentiostat versions (CHI1202B, 1212B, 1222B, 1232B and 1242B).




Potentiostat / bipotentiostat

Maximum potential range: 2.4 V

Compliance voltage:  7.5 V

Current range: 2 mA

Reference electrode input impedance:  1x1012 ohm

Sensitivity scale:  1x10-9 - 0.001 A/V in 8 ranges

Input bias current:  < 100 pA

Current measurement resolution: < 5 pA

Data acquisition: 16 bit @ 10 kHz

CV and LSV scan rate:  0.000001 to 10 V/s

CA and CC pulse width:  0.001 to 1000 s

CA and CC Steps: 1 - 320

DPV and NPV pulse width:  0.001 to 10 s

SWV frequency:  1 to 5000 Hz

Low pass filter for current measurements

Maximum data length:  128K-4096K selectable

Power: USB port of a PC

Chassis dimension:  7 (W) 4.5 (D) 1 (H)


Functions 1200B/ 1202B 1205B/ 1206B 1207B/ 1208B 1210B/ 1212B 1220B/ 1222B 1230B/ 1232B 1240B/ 1242B

Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)*

Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV) &,*

Chronoamperometry (CA)*




Chronocoulometry (CC)




Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV) &,*




Normal Pulse Voltammetry (NPV) &,*




Differential Normal Pulse Voltammetry (DPNV) &,*






Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV) &,*





AC Voltammetry (ACV) &,*


2nd Harmonic AC Voltammetry (SHACV) &,*


Amperometric i-t Curve (i-t)*




Differential Pulse Amperometry (DPA)





Double Differential Pulse Amperometry (DDPA)





Triple Pulse Amperometry (TPA)





Open Circuit Potential - Time (OCPT)


Full version of CV simulator






Limited version of  CV simulator



&: Corresponding stripping mode can be performed.

*: Second channel (bipotentiostat mode) can be performed.

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