CHI680 Amp Booster


With the CHI680 Amp Booster, the current can be measured up to 2A. The compliance voltage is 26V. The CHI680 is compatible with Model 6 and 6A series of instruments. You can stack the CHI6A and the CHI680 together.


The CHI680 uses 4-electrode configuration. The 4-electrode configuration is useful when the current is relatively high. It helps eliminate the resistance (about 0.2-0.3 ohm) due to the connectors, relays, and printed circuit board traces.


The Amp Booster will also allow low current measurements. The current down to 10 pA can be measured. It is comparable with the CHI6A. For low current measurements, you may need to use Faraday cage to eliminate line frequency noise when the scan rate is above 50 mV/s.