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Liquid/liquid interface study is very important in understanding the charge transfer, chemical sensor, drug release, solvent extraction, and others. Liquid/liquid interface study usually involves two reference electrodes and two auxiliary electrodes. The modified potentiostat controls the potential difference of the two reference electrodes in two phases, while measuring the current passing through two auxiliary electrodes. The CHI682 Liquid/Liquid Interface Adapter is compatible with our model 700A series. It is fully automatic and integrates seamlessly. Although it does not have galvanostat and bipotentiostat functions, most other electrochemical techniques can be used.

                Please notice that for models of the: 400, 400A, 600A, 600B, 600C, 700B, 700C, 800B, 900B, 1100 and 1100A series, a 4-electrode configuration will allow liquid/liquid interface measurement to be made directly without using CHI682 Liquid/Liquid Interface Adapter

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