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CHI684 is a multi-channel multiplexer for the model 400/A, 600A/B/C, 700A/B/C, 800B, 900B and 1100A series. The multiplexer switches four lines (working, sensing, reference, and counter for a single potentiostat, second working, reference and counter for a bipotentiostat). You can have maximum 64 cells, but only one cell can be connected at a time.

        The multiplexer is controlled from the "Multiplexer" command under the Control menu. You can select any channel and run experiments in a sequence of the selected channels. The files will automatically be saved after each run. You can also set a prompt before each channel run.

        It is allowed to set arbitrary channels immediately. An experiment can then be run for that particular channel.

        Two Macro commands are available for the multiplexer. One is "mch:##". It allows the user to choose an individual channel. The other macro command is "mchn". This is used in a For...Next loop to select the channel according to the For...Next loop counter.

        The minimum number of channels for the CHI684 are 8. The channel increment is 8. The maximum number of channels are 64.