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Applications :

Figure below show the structure of ITO spectroelectrochemical cell.

Measurement performed using fiber optic spectrometer, light source and fiber optic to transmit light with a proper wave length through electrode. Absorption take place to light which pass electrode due to reaction occur on electrode and detected by spectrometer.

Spectroelectrochemical cell

Electrode holder ,gasket, counter and reference electrode, ITO electrode.


3,3'- Dimethylbenzidine (o-Tolidine) used as measurement sample to generate chemical reaction as showed below. Using thin layer ITO cell, 25m gasket between ITO electrode and glass cover to perform CV measurement and to observe spectral change take place in reaction simultaneously. Measurement conduct using fiber optic spectrometers from OOI (Ocean Optics) Inc. and ALS potentiostat.

CV result of 3,3'- Dimethylbenzidine Spectral change at oxidation reaction

Absorption intensity change occur on redox reaction at CV measurement (50mV/s) can be observed clearly. Due to the sample, when the reaction sample have a special property in spectral and electrochemical, the reaction mechanism can be studied more detail by analyzing it simultaneously.

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