Model CHI1100C Series Specifications




Note: the specifications listed below apply to our older 1100B line of instruments. To obtain up-to-date specifications for our latest 1100C series instruments, please contact us.


Galvanostat (1140C only)

Potential range: -10 to 10 V

Applied potential resolution: 0.0015% of potential range

Applied potential accuracy: 2 mV, 0.02% of scale

Potentiostat rise time: < 2 μs

Compliance voltage: 25 V

3- or 4-electrode configuration

Current range: 2 A

Reference electrode input impedance: 1x1012 ohm

Sensitivity scale: 1x10-12 - 0.1 A/V in 12 ranges

Input bias current: < 50 pA

Current measurement resolution: < 1 pA

Potential update rate: 10 MHz

Data acquisition: 16-bit @ 1 MHz

External voltage signal recording channel

External potential input

Automatic and manual iR compensation

Potential and current analog output

RDE control voltage output: 0-10V (1130B and up)

CV and LSV scan rate: 0.000001 to 5000 V/s

Potential increment during scan: 0.1 mV @ 1000 V/s

CA and CC pulse width: 0.0001 to 1000 s

CA and CC Steps: 320

DPV and NPV pulse width: 0.001 to 10 s

SWV frequency: 1 to 100 kHz

CA and i-t sample interval: minimum 1 μs

ACV frequency: 0.1 to 10 kHz

SHACV frequency: 0.1 to 5 kHz

Automatic potential and current zeroing

Signal low-pass filters, covering 8-decade frequency range, Automatic and manual setting

Potential and current analog output

Cell control: purge, stir, knock

Current low-pass filters, covering 8-decade frequency range, Automatic and manual setting

Flash memory for quick software update

USB or serial port selectable for data communication

Maximum data length: 128K-4096K selectable

Chassis dimensions: 14.25(W) x 9.25 (D) x 4.75(H)

Weight: 17 lb.

Chronopotentiometric measurement

Chronopotentiometric measurement