Model 800D Series Electrochemical Detector



The model 800D series instrument is designed for electrochemical detection; it can be used for monitoring the current passing through a flow cell in liquid chromatography/electrochemistry or in-flow injection analysis, as well as other electroanalytical applications. The system contains a digital function generator, a data acquisition system, and a potentiostat / bipotentiostat / galvanostat. The potential control range is 10 V, the current range is 10 mA, and the maximum sampling rate is 1 MHz at 16-bit resolution. The instrument is capable of measuring current down to picoamperes. This series is intended for analytical use that requires high sensitivity and low noise levels, and its circuitry has very low electrical noise. The instrument allows an external input signal (such as spectroscopic) to be recorded simultaneously with electrochemical measurements. When used for amperometric detection, three decades of current scales are plotted during the experiment to display signals of various magnitudes clearly. Compared with analog instruments, this instrument is much easier to use and also includes standard digital data storage and analysis capabilities, without the need for recorder or baseline adjustments. It also provides a much larger current dynamic range, so that separate runs for large and weak signals are unnecessary.

The model 80D performs single-channel measurements, while the Model 82D contains a bipotentiostat for dual-channel measurements, such as rotating ring-disk electrode applications. Dual-channel measurements are also available for CV, LSV, CA, DPV, NPV, SWV, and amperometric i-t techniques. The 2nd channel can be controlled at an independent constant potential, to scan or step at the same potential as the first channel, or to CV scan at a constant potential difference with the first channel.

The model 800D series is an upgrade to our model 800/800A/800B/800C series. The instrument utilizes flash memory, allowing instrument updates to be distributed electronically instead of the inconvenient shipment and installation of an EPROM chip.

The 800D series has a USB port (default) and a serial port for data communication with the PC. You can select either USB or serial (but not both) by changing a switch setting on the rear panel of the instrument.

The 800D series also has a true integrator for chronocoulometry.

Several different models are available in the 800D series. Models 800D/802D and 810D/812D are mainly for flow cell detection. Models 820D/822D are intended for voltammetry applications and cannot be used for flow cell detection. Models 830D/832D are comprehensive electrochemical analyzers that can be used for electrochemical detection, voltammetry, and other applications. Models 840D/842D and 850D/852D are more advanced models with a galvanostat. Models 850D/852D also include AC voltammetry capabilities.